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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
           In gain to these Terms, we have based a Privacy Policy, to explicate how we gather, apply, expose and ensure certain information gathered from or about you through our Site. By getting at, applying or transferring the Site, you are also meaning your recognition and understanding to that Privacy Policy. 

Personal Information We Collect
           Personal information is for personal recognition or allows us. You may be required to furnish your details name, email address, user name, and password. This information will be gathered when you present or correspond with it. All the intellectual rights are given to their respective owners of the text and pictures. 

How we use information, we collect?
          When you visit my website, I may use cookies or similar technology to identify your browser or device to provide a better vision of my website. Similar third party advertisement like Google.

Information collected by Third-party -
            My site may include third party advertise, links to other website. I don't provide any of your personal information to those advertiser or third party website. These third party advertiser or advertising company or website may use tracking technology to provide advertise to your browser. They automatically receive your browser information & may IP address. They also can use cookies or other technology to provide and measure effectiveness of their advertise.

In short, I don't and will not provide any of your personal or private information to advertiser etc.

Free Subscribe
            If you subscribe for the storiesall, your mail address will only be used for the daily mail. You can unsubscribe at any time.