Story of Peter Escape from Jail

Story of Peter getting away from Jail God sent an Angel miraculously and Rhoda came to reply the door when once peter knocked. Acts 12:3-19

After Jesus had been taken up into heaven mean King Herod was doing all the dreadful things to the followers of Jesus. When he had killed some people were happy in that also.
Herod was doing this as a result of they did not believe Jesus all like his followers therefore the way to please the people have set to throw Peter in jail too.

The King orders his sixteen troopers to protect him over the Passover holiday.
God’s people assembled in their home to pray for him same night an Angel appeared into the jail cell to rescue Peter.

Peter in Jail and therefore the Church Prayed for safety of him.

Woke! Peter up! Hurry up get up!

That night an angel came into the prison cell to flee Peter from jail.
Peter chain felt off but the soldiers kept sleeping an Angel said to Peter follow me!
But Peter thought he should be dreaming or his own imagination however he followed the Angel.

Past all the Guards after they came to the iron gate of the jail it’s opened on its own.
But after some time they have walked a few steps into the city the Angel disappeared as soon as they reached so Peter thought and went to the house of some friends who live nearby.

And Peter knocked on the door a servant Rhoda means Rose in Greek and Latin languages.

So Rhoda visited the door and raise who was there?
Who is it?

Peter replied the Lord and his Angel to rescue me from Herod the Great.
The girl recognizes Peter’s voice and quickly run to tell the people those who were praying for Peter. Peter is at the door but people did not believe that girl and went back to praying for Peter.

The folks failed to understand their prayer has already been answered finally they hear the lady and visited open door this can be however Peter escapes from jail
and the mean King Herod.

Story of Peter Escape from Jail, Rhoda came to answer the door when Peter knocked, Acts 12:3-19
Story of Peter Escape from Jail- Acts 12:3-19