Story of Abraham and Sarah and Hagar

Story of Abraham and Sarah and Hagar- It’s a very motivational story of hope, faith and love of God. 

Long time ago in the city of Canaan there lived a man named Abraham and wife Sarah they were unfruitful. One day the Lord came with the message for Abraham. Get out of your Father's house and country and go where I will guide you. God made sure that God will always showered blessing.  Next day Abraham Explained the dream to his wife Sarah.

So now be ready take all of our holding and will go to our new land. Abraham and his family travel along with passing through towns and villages wanderlust. When they reached the plane of Moreh, the Lord appears to Abraham again and said I will give this land to your children. Abraham but my Lord I don't have any children. Lord said look towards to the heaven and tell the stars if you are able to number then so your seed will be. And Abraham showed faith on the Lord’s assurance.

So, Sarah called Hagar tell me what for I was called, Sara said I have a question Hagar said please tell me Sarah you be a wife of Abraham and give birth to his child. Hagar accepted to be Abraham’s wife but as soon as she became wife of Abraham she did not respect Sarah anymore. Once Hagar was called by Sarah but Hagar said I will not follow your commands; I am not going to be your servant and leaving now.

In the desolate Hagar was taking rest after some time Lord’s Angel came forth. Angel guided her back and said you are going to give birth to a son you have to name him Isaac. When Angel guided Hagar came back to Sarah after some months she bear a son.

Abraham said, I am happy that I have son. I shall Christian him as Ishmael. I will bless her with son! God said so your wife will have a son and you will call him Isaac. I will make an agreement with him and I will bless him with a lot of land as for your other son Ismael I will bless him too and of him will come up 12 very good Prima Donna's but my arrangement will be abides with Isaac.

Abraham saw after some days later it was it was a noon time and very hot. Three men appeared in front of him they were Lord’s messenger. Abraham Welcome them with the respect. Lord’s first messenger said, where is your wife Sarah? Abraham said she is inside our tent. Lord’s second messenger said she will bear a son then next year I will visit your home again. Sarah heard this and started laughing I am too old how can I give birth to a child. Lord’s third messenger said keep faith on Lord. After some months Sarah gave birth to a son they named Isaac Sarah said it is a miracle Lord is great at this age we have got a child.  

Meaning of Hagar is- Concubine - A woman who cohabits with an important man.

Meaning of Abraham is- Father of many.

Meaning of Isaac is- Laugh or showing kindness.

Meaning of Ismael is- God listens.

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Story of Abraham and Sarah and Hagar- Genesis 21