Queen Esther Bible Story

Queen Esther Bible Story is very meaningful because of her brave and bold step nation was safe. God will prepare use of anyone to carry out His work!

The King of Persia ruled Babylon. God’s people were still living in Babylon. From Babylon there was a very young woman name Esther. The King of Persia was in need of a adorable young woman like Esther to be his queen and he preferred Esther. Mordecai got in trouble and he was a Esther’s cousin.

Hey Mordecai here is coming General Haman you have to bow down because he is the leader of the king’s army. Mordecai said I will not bow down to anybody but only my living God. When General Haman heard this he became so angry and then he started planning to kill the all the God’s people living in Persia. Neither Haman nor the king knew that Queen was related to Mordecai or even that she was one of God’s people. Then the king also agreed to Haman’s vicious plan. Then Mordecai heard about their evil plan, he went in secret to visit the Queen. Mordecai shared all about their Haman's evil plan and bespoke Queen that we must do something, we need to take action for people of God those who lives here. If anyone who enters in the King's strong room without permission or any called He or She will be killed. Unless he hold his golden status, yes you may be killed Mordecai said. Then Mordecai said to her may be for this moment only God has chosen you and King too. This the young woman had a big decision to make sacrifice so that she can save God’s people. Alright! Tell all God’s people to stop eating and start praying for me. I will go to the King even though it is against the law if I died.  

So Esther wore her imperial gown and went to visit the King then the King’s servant saw Esther they were very afraid she would be put to end. But when the King saw Esther he was very delighted lento he applied his gold wand. Then King asked Esther? What do you want to ask me? King asked.

My Dear King I postulate that you have clemency on me and my people the Jews Haman's desires to kill all the people. The same day the King adjudicated to safe Esther and all God’s individuals from Haman’s evil plan.   

Queen Esther Bible Story, Brave and beautiful Queen Esther
Queen Esther Bible Story- Esther 4:13-14