Cain and Abel Story for Kids

Hello kids do have any idea what is the story of Cain and Abel summary? Why did Cain murdered his own brother Abel? Here is Cain and Abel Story for Kids with pictures.

Cain and Abel Story for Kids, Cain and Abel moral lesson
Cain and Abel Story for Kids 
Adam and Eve left the Eden Garden. They were sad because disobeyed God. Adam said, Oh Lord how do I show you our repentance to you my Lord tell me how? God said you can satisfy me by sacrificing a lamb. Adam and Eve sacrifice the lamb as per the God's command. They had two sons. The first son was called Cain and the second son was called Abel. Cain was working as a farmer he farmed veggies and granulates. Abel was shepherd who looked after the family herds. We should be thankful to God because he has forgiven our sins. Able said yes but I am very much concerned about my sacrifice that it should be special to God. I am going to offer my best lamb to god this is my first sacrifice.

What are you going to give? Which was first born in our cattle inside I am sorry but I don't have heart to lose that it is very hard for me to give up my most loved it my most possession but it is important to me to try and do my best as god had asked. I think you are a bit silly for giving up the best to God. I am sure he had been just as happy if we sacrifice that is not of important to us why does it need to be a lamb at all.

I am a farmer and it's been a great year for my wheat crop I can't lose everything I have grown I am just going to burn whichever is helpless that way I don't be wasting anything Abel said, no you are wrong we have to sacrifice the one which we love the most I will do as I decided God was happy with the Abel’s gift but go was no so happy with Cain’s gift.

Cain become jealous but God spoke to Cain God why are you angry at your own brother if you always do what is right you will be happy but be grateful and careful your thoughts will ruin your life, learn to control your anger but Cain did not listen to God. Instead he blames his father Cain said that he doesn't love me he loves only Able. I cannot stand this anyhow. I must get dis-embarrass of him at present. One day he plans a dreadful thing Cain asked able come with me out into the fields. Able said sure why not Able love his brother is big brother and trusted him and so we walked with his brother out into the fields and when Cain got Abel out where nobody could see or hear them, know about anything and he killed his own brother Abel.

When Cain realize what he had done said, God what I have done I have kill my own brother. So that I can escape from my father and mother they ask where is able Cain said, father I do not know I am coming straight from the field, even the ship has written without able will you go out and find Abel. Cain went out the Lord spoke with him then how would I know I am supposed to take care of my brother but got jealous of my own brother Able. God said Cain how you could be so cruel to your only brother what he has done nothing to you. You had shed your brother’s blood on the ground because into the ground the crops won't grow for anymore from now on you will have wander in faraway places to find your food. Cain say this punishment is too hard for me people will try to kill me when they hear what I have done. I must always escape from them. God said I will put mark on you to be protected when anyone see this they would know not to kill you and that god is watching you. Cain left his home and family because then that God will not be with him anymore that was the hardest thing in his life Cain went away and leave in the land of Nod east of Eden.

Summary of Cain and Abel story is whatever we have only because of God and we should be ready to present it.

Cain and Abel represent first human murder when Cain killed Abel because of jealousy, sinfulness nature.

Cain's sacrifice offering rejected by God,
Cain's Sacrifice

Abel's sacrifice offering accepted by God,
Abel's Sacrifice