Three Wise Men

Three Wise Men, short story of Three Wise kings, Christmas story,
Three Wise Men

This is a very important story about the three wise men and the history of the Christmas story.

They were from the east and guided by a shining star. Three Wise Men know that Jesus was born so they followed special star in the sky. They understood the indication of the star and followed while travelling. They reached Bethlehem town and they asked King Herod about the new born king of Israel. When King Herod came to know that the new king of Israel is born so, he wanted to kill him.

The king Herod was afraid and said to three wise men, “Please find out the new born king because I would like to worship him.” Three wise men left the palace and brought some present myrrh, gold and frankincense. They came near to the new born king in a small cattle shed in a manger. They presented the gifts then they planned to go to Jerusalem to share the same information to King Herod. At night God warned them do not tell anything to King Herod because he wants to kill the Baby Jesus.

There is a song for this three wise men song in Christmas carols. There is a spiritual significance, meaning and value of gold and frankincense, myrrh gift set. Gold symbolized as Kingship on the earth which is valuable. Frankincense (perfume an incense) symbolized as deity. Myrrh was used for as an anointing embalming oil and it is a symbol of death. Three wise men were guided by a shining star symbolized as a sign of fulfilling the heavenly prophecy and the hope for all the human kind.  

Son of God was born among animals in the Manger. Manger is a Latin word and meaning of it is "to eat" Manger is a place where we can keep farm animals.