The Story of Jesus Child Life

The Story of Jesus Child Life, Jesus at home, stories of Jesus childhood,
The Story of Jesus Child Life

How was the Life of Jesus? The Story of Jesus Child Life
King Herod asked three wise men to get the news of the newborn King Jesus. But as God warned them they did not returned to him. The King Herod become angry and gave an order to his soldiers to kill baby Jesus. Dear believers why is it necessary to learn from The Story of Jesus Child Life lets see now.

Same night Joseph saw a dream “Joseph arise and go to Egypt for safety of your family because King Herod is going to kill baby Jesus.” Then Mary and Joseph got settle in among many Jews. Angel Gabriel came in dream of Joseph now you all can go to your home because King Herod is not alive.

Then after some days they all came back to Nazareth and took care of Jesus. At the age of five years Jesus attended tabernacle on the Sabbath day. When Jesus attended tabernacle learn many good things like all the moral values, about guardian angels, prayer, psalms, and memory verses. After Passover Jesus came to know that he was a God’s son. When Jesus was small he used to spend his time in the small carpenter’s shop. And because of his simple lifestyle no one believes him as Messiah. Jesus understands that Sabbath is a Holy time during which we can pray and share the love of God with each others. Jesus came to know that many Sabbath rules were omitted from the scriptures because of some selfishness. One day Joseph died and Jesus took care of his mother Mary when he was thirty years old and ready for his work of spreading the word of God.

This is the short story summary of when Jesus was a boy and information of Jesus childhood to motivate each one of us to share with the parents, teachers, kids so, that they can give a great moral lesson to their children's.