The First Miracle of Jesus

The First Miracle of Jesus Wedding at Cana Meaning

Jesus performed many miracles in his life but this is the first miracle of Jesus. The first one was worked at the request of his mother Mary. One day Jesus went to Cana and it was near from Nazareth to attend the wedding and it was near from Nazareth. On the way Philip followed Jesus with Nathaniel. Nathaniel stated, “How is it possible good things will come out of Nazareth?” Jesus heard and cleared their doubts with answering them. So, all the people were satisfy with his answers and started following Jesus.

Jesus and his friends arrived in Cana and mother saw them. But there was one problem during the feast wine got over. Jesus said, “You must not expect me to do anything unless it is the will of my Father.” Mother Mary told to the servant do as my son tells you. Fill these jars with water to very top. Now dip jug and give to the master of the feast. And Master asked how you can give such a tasty wine. All the people enjoyed and came to know about the Jesus miracle at wedding and his miraculous power.

Dear believers what moral lesson can we get from this story- This miracle is first which was performed by Jesus at wedding. When we have any doubt in our own mind related to any topic then it will be hard to get the success. Whereas when we show faith in God there will be miracles in our life too. Whatever problems may come in life just kneel down with the faith and pray to God. Darkness will be removed from the life and you will see the hope of light and many doors will be opened of solutions. So, let us hope and pray with the strong faith.     

The First Miracle of Jesus, water turns into wine in the wedding at cana
The First Miracle of Jesus