Testimony of Worshiping a True God

Testimony of Worshiping a True God, what is true ways to worship,
Worshiping a True God - Church

Do you worshipped True God? Who is the one God?  Meaning of spirit and truth in worship God. Here we have Testimony of Worshiping a True God to build faithfulness.

I am Beena, I am residing at a village called Rahata. We both are labor workers and had a very bad habit of chewing tobaccos and occasionally drinking liquor. Though, we earned very little but we are a happy family with a child. When my son was a year old boy, we lost him. After that, our life became miserable and hopeless. My husband was completely under the clutches of these bad habits. There was no happiness and peace in the family.

In the next lane, there was where the Pastor was holding a meeting with people. I noticed them meeting mainly at this place on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Later on, I learnt that they were worshiping on these special days. These people seem to be very happy and content.

One day, I decided to find out what is really happening there. I met a lady who was a regular member of the meeting and enquired everything about the meeting. She was very kind and told me about the meeting and she even promised to take me to this meeting if I am interested. I told her that I would like to attend the meeting. As she promised, she was there on my door step on the next Friday evening.

As soon as I entered the house where the meeting was going on, I felt complete peace within me. The other people also were so kind and friendly. The pastor too spoke to me and told me that if I am interested, he would visit my house and help me study the Bible. I happily agreed for it. They regularly came to my home and we studied the Bible. In the beginning, my husband was against and he fought with me. Slowly, he saw the change in me and decided to study the Bible with me. As I came to know about Jesus Christ, I learnt how to pray and began to pour out my burden to Jesus. 

There was complete change in me and began to feel that life is worth living. My husband left all his bad habits and started to lead a temperate life. There was happiness between us and we were ready for baptism. The pastor accepted our request and baptized us. We are living happily in Christ and wishing Gods richest blessing by giving us a child so our family will be complete. The pastor and the church family are praying for us. Now we all are knowing the truth which is of real God.

So, dear believers I am really very happy to share and inspire you all by sharing the testimony of worshiping a true God. 

We are happy that we are worshiping a true God who created the heaven and the earth.