Testimony of New Beginnings Church

Testimony of New Beginnings Church,
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Testimony of New Beginnings Church – Reach to the Unreached

I am Shambhau I lived with my small family in a small village. I am form village called Money Nagar but there is no money. My age is almost 40 years old.

One day I was coming toward my village and on my way I met with an accident. It was really a unfortunate situation I got hurt on my head and it was very hard for me to swallow. I injured the brain due this I was in great trouble. My treatment was going on but I was not coming back to my old normal condition. Because of this accident, my complete family was in trouble and me too.

Finally, a doctor advised me to go to a big city and get treatment as there is no much facility in the hospital. After hearing this, my family members were very worried because of our financial condition was not to good and mental too.

I could not eat solid food or intake any liquid. One day one of my friends who used to go for the church came to visit me in the hospital. He prayed for my recovery, he also gave me the good news of Jesus Christ. He told me to have faith and pray to God for my condition.

My family and I started praying. Now, we have put all trust in God and I started recovering from my injuries. If we have faith on God, we will have peace. Now I go to house to house and pray for people who are suffering due to various sickness and problems. I was able to bring four members to accept our true God. Please kindly pray for those new believers. Because it will be Testimony of New Beginnings Church for new believers.