Testimony of Miracle of Prayers

Testimony of Miracle of Prayers, trusting in Jesus while prayers,
 Miracle of Prayers - Transformation of Life

Powerful words to pray for instant miracle for love, healing, and money to the Holy Spirit! Amazing testimony of miracle of prayers to motivate so that everyone will experience miracle stories of divine mercy.

Long time ago when there were very less facilities in the village. Miracle of prayer has happened in my life. I am Rambhau, we are family of eight and I left the family in the village and went to seek job to feed family. I was a daily wage earner with very little money.

One day, I came to know that I am suffering with terrible heart disease. To get rid of this disease, I went and consulted all the well known doctors. They could not do anything about my sickness.

Then I went to the village and looked for the witch craft. I was not healed this time also. My health condition was down day by day. The condition of my life was so bad and realized that I will not live for long time.

Meanwhile, the leaders of my village church came to visit and pray for me. They told me that I had been seeing many doctors in the city as well as village but I have not become alright. They told me to have faith on Jesus Christ and earnestly pray to him. They told me to tell all my problems to Him and plead with Him to make me well.

I sincerely prayed to God. I confess all my sins to him and asked him forgiveness. I kept faith on Him and surrender my life to Him. Slowly there was change in my health condition. I started to feel better day by day. I am now completely out of these heart disease. With my family, I took baptism. We attend the church regularly and praise God for what He has done in my life. So, dear believers if you also wants to experience the miracles in your life start praying and give a testimony of miracle of prayers.