Testimony of the Lost Sheep Returned

Testimony of the Lost Sheep Returned, true story
The Lost Sheep Returned

How Does the Parable of the Lost Sheep returned Relate To Us Today? Here we are going to share the testimony of the lost sheep returned.

Long time ago there lived a person named Mohandas. He was a very religious person who was very sincere in performing all the formalities. But felt emptiness and there is not peace in his life. Mohandas had a good family members, all the luxurious things like cars, bungalows. One day, church pastor came to visit me. 

He started sharing his faith with me. When I heard that someone had died for me, I was eager to know. I requested him to tell more about this God whom he was talking. He was very happy to tell everything about the Savior. After listening to him about Jesus Christ, I felt the need to surrender myself to Him. Pastor also prayed for me, I was slowly gave up all other religious activities and started to pay more attention on Christianity. I started to study the Bible with pastor and now I am baptized member of Church. I rejoice in the Lord and there is lot of peace within me. And I praise God for choosing me as one lost sheep.

So, dear believers what moral lesson can we get form this testimony here to get the Peace in life people are searching because when we are living in the today's worldly life there will be lot of obstacles to get it. But when we comes to know that someone is punished for the sin which we had done, and died for us. We need to be very humble and prayerful to get the peace. Here i have shared my testimony to make a transformation in others life so, that they can see miracles in their life and motivate others too.