Testimony of Health and Prayer

Testimony of Health and Prayer, to increase faith in God
Health and Prayer

Powerful Prayers for Healing and Good Health for yourself and others too! Testimony of Health and Prayer for family, friends and sick people’s health, happiness.  

Once there lived a woman who was suffering from Cancer. This woman spent lot of money for her treatment so that she can get cure of this disease. She tried all the kinds of treatment. She was going through lot of difficulty and my health condition was very bad. She had no money for the treatment but with the money that was left she went to see a doctor to get treatment. She was not having any improvement.

She went to see a volunteer who is serving the church from many years and had a great experience of healing people with the help and power of God. His name was Raju he read a scripture from the Bible about sickness and prayed for her sickness. She started to feel little better experience and improvement in her health. He also told me to continue to read the Bible and pray to God to see miracles and be a witness of power of God. With lot of faith on Him, she started to praying and God heard her sincere pray and healed her completely.

After fifteen days, she started to feel healthy, well and active in her day to days life. She is also very happy and there in peace in health and prayer. She continues to serve the Lord and encourage other people to accept the faith with her own experience which she had. She shares this testimony with everyone who is suffering with a worldly all the problems of physical, mental and spiritual and praises God for the miracle that he had performed in her life.

So, dear believers impossible prayers are answered through the power and presence of God. It is the faith that can bring salvation to all of us.