Testimony of a Dream House

Testimony of a Dream House - Glory to God

As a common man we all don’t have our dream to have a big bungalow but we should have it. I am Maganbhai I will share my testimony of a dream house. Everybody has lot of dreams in their life like to complete the education then achieve a good salaried job so that we can fulfill our day to day basic needs then a dream house with a family. I also have some but I don’t know why I was getting always failure in my life, whenever I tried first time, second time again and again but face only failure. I lived in a small village named Rahuri.

We have very big land for cultivation and I work very hard in the field with my family. I have small house but I decided to build a big house as family members was growing. I work hard to build a big house so that we all can enjoy luxurious life.

After struggling with so much efforts, I could not complete the house. We were very sad, and then one day one pastor came and visited to our small house and prayed for our big house. He also gave us a message on faith and hope from the bible with powerful and meaningful bible verses to motivate all of the member of my family.

Now, we also reaped good crop and due this, we were able to complete the big house. Today, we have a big beautiful and permanent house. Our family is indebted to God and we are very thankful to God sent his servant in the form of Holy angel to inspire us.

There were three people who took baptism. Very are grateful to God for what he has done miraculous changes in our lives.

So, dear believers share the word of God through the testimony so that those who are facing any problems in their life they find a way of prayers.
Testimony of a Dream House, journey to our first dream house while walking with living God,
A Dream House and Salvation