Overcoming the Satan's Traps

Overcoming the Satan's Traps, how to be aware and avoid Satan's trap
How to Overcome from the Satan's Traps?

Testimony for Overcoming the Satan's Traps

Once there lived a man in the small village and he was in the Satan's Trap for seven years. His life was in great danger. He did not have the desire of living; his family as well was in the clutches of Satan. In order to get rid of his sickness, he had been visited and took treatment from all kinds of doctors. He only spends all the money for his treatment and types of medicines but there was no improvement at all in my health. He had visited the witchcraft and had to sacrifice goat, hen and other animals but still he did not become alright.

One day, one pastor came to his house. He requested man and his family to come to church on the Sabbath day. On Sabbath, he went to the church with his family members for prayers. Pastor offered a special prayer for all of us so, that we can share God's testimony and give witness to others. God had done miracle in his family whatever problem they had in their life now they are all out of Satan's trap and leading a happy life.

They believe in God and they all took baptism. We must rejoice in Jesus Christ and give glory and honor to him only. This happened because all the family started showing faith on God's word and experience the power of prayers.

So, friends if you feel that you are trapped by Satan and you are in problems. Start believing in Jesus so that God can perform miracles in your life too with the hope, faith and prayers. Be a witness of all the good things which God has planned for us to be a great testimony for others so that they can see feel the presence of God in their life too.