My Testimony from Darkness to Light

Why to share individual testimony because it brings us from darkness to light to be the witness and motivate others. Here is my testimony from darkness to light. 

Once in a small village named Yeola there lived a young man named Vipul. Do you have seen any time darkness, OK let me tell you the true story from darkness to light. I led a life that was very bad. I used to drink, smoke and steal and always fight with everyone. My relations were not so good with other peoples.

Also, I am very much involved in adultery and other unwanted activities. I had no peace in my life. I used to beat my wife and children, and send them out the house. I sold my land, house and all the farm animals that I had. I started to roam here and there like a beggar. Then I thought what I shall do now with my life, I have no happiness in my life. My family was not with me and no food, no clothes to wear and at the end I was on the street.

I decided to leave the village where I was living. Since I left my family and started to lead such hopeless life, I realized that I will go and ask forgiveness to my family and bring them with me. My family and I were very sad and stood on the railway platform and waiting for the train.

The train was too late. Then I saw brother Rakesh who is a volunteer and is serving a true God. When I saw him I started to cry. I told him that I ruined my life and my family, and there is nothing left in my life. I was thinking of leaving this village and go somewhere else to a faraway place along with my family and committing suicide. Then brother Rakesh told me that don't ever do like this and feel miserable about yourself but have faith on Jesus Christ. Pray to Him and he will guide and straighten your path.

He also told us about Jesus Christ. How He bore all the temptations and struggle while He was on the earth. Then we believed his words and gave up the idea of ending our lives. We came back to our village and started attending the church. Mr. Rakesh told us also about the Sabbath. My life changed. We accepted the truth and took baptism. We worship on Sabbath.

All our problems were solved. I am out of all my bad habits. I am a new person and live in Christ. So, dear believers this is my testimony from darkness to light.
My Testimony from Darkness to Light, short and personal real true testimony,
Darkness to Light - Enlightenment