Black Magic Against Prayer

Black Magic Against Prayer, testimony of power of Jesus,
Power of Prayer Against Black Magic 

Deliverance Prayer Black Magic Against Prayer

In a small village named Bhableshwar lived a man who was earned living by performing black magic and cheat people. It was his basic business for earning. He used to steal money and other valuable things from people who come to him. He has done all kinds of bad things in his life for just a time being pleasure.

One day, He met Shekharbhai and he told him about Jesus Christ. He gave the good news and studied the Bible with him, share the word pf God to inspire him to be a good person. After hearing this, he completely surrenders his life to God. Christ did wonderful things in his life. He is a changed person now; he does not perform black magic and cheat anyone. Now he is away from all the bad works and seeking for eternal kingdom of God.

God has blessed him so much that he started sharing the good news with others who do not know about true creator of the universe and human kind. His house is filled with people who come to listen to his testimony. He visit house to house and tell about my savior. How he is transformed from bad to good person and be a witness.

My brothers family is converted and my only son is very religious. This is the true story of Black Magic Against Prayer. I am very thankful to brother and above all very grateful to God for giving me new life. Please pray for brother and my ministry.

So, dear believers I had shared my testimony we should also share the word of God then who are in trouble they will get a way to salvation through such testimonies so that we can see miracles in others life too.