Birth of Jesus Christ - The History of Christmas Story

Birth of Jesus, The short story of Christmas for children
The History of Christmas and Birth of Jesus Christ 

Birth of Jesus Christ - The History of Christmas Story

Dear believers do you know about the birth of Jesus Christ. A young girl called Mary like any other Jewish girl. Mary had a very helpful nature girl and because of it she was very dear to everyone. As Mary grew up into a young woman her parents found a good man named Joseph to be her husband.  One day something strange happened an angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and said, “Hail! Full of Grace!” The Lord is with you! God has chosen you and you will conceive and you will bear a son, you will name him Jesus. Joseph and Mary were married couple and they lived In Nazareth. 

Mary started thinking that still she is a virgin then how it is possible? The Angel Gabriel said to her, for God nothing is impossible! Then Joseph cam to know about it and He was worried but he never wanted to hurt Mary. So, one night an angel appeared to Joseph and said, “Joseph no not afraid to accept Mary as your wife.”

Caesar Augustus was a great ruler of Rome. He gave an order to everyone should give names on the tax list of whoever is born. They will have to get register their child’s name in the tax list.

Mary and Joseph went to their home town Bethlehem to register their names. After long journey they reached the town of Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph were trying to get shelter for them but they got disappointment. Finally they got a little place in the stable where animals were kept. Birth of Jesus Christ had in a Manger. It was a very lovely night the angels sang around them.

Why Jesus was born? This event of being born of Jesus was so divine because Jesus was born as sinless according to the Bible. But Jesus died for our sins which we are committed and committing still.