A Testimony from a Strong Believer

A Testimony from a Strong Believer, faith testimony share
How to become a Strong Believer?

A Testimony from a Strong Believer - How to Become a Strong Believer in Christ? How to Grow Spiritually?  Your personal life is your testimony for others to motivate.

Dear believers we are here to share a testimony from a Strong Believer so that we can get motivational moral lesson from it and we can have strong in faith of True God. Once upon a time there lived a man who was very strong believer in other religion. He performed all the customs faithfully. One day, as he was worshiping performing the formalities, suddenly he was possessed with devil spirit. The spirit was troubling him so much. He could not sleep nor eat, people were afraid of him and his family members took him too many men who perform witch craft but the spirit did not leave him. Instead, it gave him lot of trouble.

Later, they took him to the church and all the members prayed for him. Then the spirit left him immediately. He was very happy. He started to wonder that though he was a sincere and strong believer in other religion, why he was possessed with this spirit. He came to know about the true God.

He continues to attend the church and gave up all the other practices. God had really blessed him and his family. He studied the Bible with the volunteer and now he joined the church. He is very grateful to God for saving and forgiving his sins.

In every days life in the world we all are facing many problems because we all are sinners. Nobody is perfect here to get the salvation but it is not means that we should not try. 
At the last moment also we can repent for what we had done all the evil things in our life and other too.