The Greedy Servant

The Greedy Servant - The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant Moral Lesson

There are many types of nature of human being like selfish, greedy ego, angry, humble, kind etc. But now we are going to share the bible story of The Greedy Servant. Far away there was an army officer Naaman. He suffered from leprosy but because of God’s mercy and miracle through Prophet Elisha he was completely cured. in thankfulness, Naaman brought many precious gifts for Prophet Elisha but he refused all the things. 

Prophet Elisha’s servant Gehazi was very greedy and thought of taking the offered precious gifts by Naaman. So, Gehazi ran behind Naaman through the backdoor to get it. Naaman and his servants were they were travelling through within the city he saw Gehazi and stopped. Gehazi lied to Naaman and said to him that his master sent him to share the message that “Two young men from the company of prophets have just come so; please can you give two sets of clothes, gold and silver.” Because of happiness Naaman gave double of what he had asked for. Gehazi betrayed Prophet Elisha by doing this.

Gehazi took all the things and hid them somewhere nearby known place. When Gehazi returned home, Elisha asked him “Where have you been?” Gehazi told lie that he was busy working in the kitchen. But Elisha came to know everything about him and what he had done. Elisha told to greedy Gehazi now Naaman’s leprosy will cling to you and he got because of his own greediness. It was a punishment for Gehazi and a moral lesson so that he will not repeat the same thing again.

Origin of all the bad things is lust for the money after some time it will be self-destroy. Because of money lust we are inviting troubles and if we walk on the same way will lose faith then only piercingly regression comes. 

The Greedy Servant - 2 Kings 5:15-27, Gehazi's Greed and Punishment

The Greedy Servant