The Creation Story

The Creation Story - Eden Garden, the creation short story day 1-7 for kids

The Creation Story

Do you know how god created the earth in 7 days? The Creation Story

Here we are going to share the bible sacred text story. God's creation of the world day by day from Genesis! God looked down on the earth and saw darkness covering the deep waters, which fill the earth. God wanted to create a beautiful world and He created it in six days. On the first day God created light and separated the light from darkness, calling light “day” and darkness “night”. On the second day God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it “sky, clouds and air.” On the third day God created the flowers, plants and trees. On the fourth day God made the moon, sun, and the stars. God created the birds and fishes on the fifth day. On the sixth day God created animals and then man and woman and told them to rule over the earth. On the Seventh-Day God rested and blessed it, and called it the Sabbath Day. The creation story is an important process to know and share the word of God.

After creating the world, God made a beautiful garden; the name of the garden was Eden. Really it was a heaven full of trees, animals and fruits. At that place was a tree of knowledge with a exceptional ability to give the cognition of evil and good to the person whoever eats the fruit of the tree. at the center of the garden.  God made Adam from the dust and Adam was the first man. God blew into his nostrils and he came to life. God told Adam to look after the trees and the animals in the garden name each one of them. When Adam was naming them he observed that everyone had mates. But Adam was alone then God saw and made him deep sleep God took rib bone from his side and made woman for Adam. Adam named his wife Eve then they both started taking care of garden of Eden.