It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

Elijah’s Prayer for Rain and Fire

Elijah’s Prayer for Rain and Fire - Lesson for Kids

It was triumph day for Elijah on the Mount Carmel because Israel turned away from idolizing Baal and started worship of true God. To establish that he is a living God, God sent fire from heaven. Elijah went to King Ahab and said very soon there would be heavy rain King Ahab looked at the sky but there was no preindication of rain. Elijah and his servant went to the mountain and prayed seven times to God for rain they could see clouds in the sky and heavy rain started with storm. Elijah’s Prayer for Rain and Fire was like miracle?

The Prophets of Baal made an altar killed a bull and placed it on the altar and prayed to their God for fire to consume the sacrifice but no fire came down. Elijah prepared an altar killed a bull and placed it on the altar to his God fire came and burnt it up.

Though King Ahab hated Elijah but he was so much thinking about king’s safety to save him from danger. Elijah found a very nice sheltered so he entered and slept. Elijah was in deep sleep he didn’t disturb because of rain or thunders. But strong hands woke him up and heard a voice told queen Jezebel was going to kill him because he destroyed all the prophets of Baal God. At that time he was in trouble so he ran in desert to save his life without food and water. Elijah prayed God to take his life and while sleeping a soft touch and voice woke him up. That was an angel from heaven. 

Twice Angel came from heaven to give food to Elijah. Elijah stood out the mountain side there was a powerful earthquake. To save himself he went inside the cave. “God said to Elijah, there are seven thousand faithful prophets in Israel go and save them.” Ahab will not be the king but anoint Jehu as the next king there finds Elisha. Then Elijah started working without fear of Jezebel.

So dear believers with the story of Elijah’s Prayer for Rain and Fire what moral lesson we can get?

Elijah’s Prayer for Rain and Fire - 1 Kings 18:16-45, Elijah’s Prayer children's lesson from the bible new testament
Elijah’s Prayer for Rain and Fire

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