Elijah the Prophet

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Elijah the Prophet

Who is Elijah in the Bible meaning of? Meaning of it is "My God is Yahweh" 

Elijah the prophet of God. In a chariot of fire Elijah went to heaven.

Long time ago there lived a king Ahab and queen Jezebel without knowing God they were enjoying their life all the time with all the worldly things. Israeli kingdom were worshiped Baal God. King Ahab was thinking that he and his palace were protected by his guards so he is safe nobody can harm him. He was very happy to live in his palace which had beautiful flowers, all the natural things and fountains. The king Ahab had very huge and beautiful palace so security also was very strong. Nobody could enter in the palace without permission of king. King Ahab was very proud, egoistic feelings because of his beautiful palace and richness of it.

Suddenly one day a strange man entered into the palace and said to King Ahab “there shall not be dew or rain there three years” thus says the God of Israel. As soon as this strange man said and walkout of the palace but king Ahab came into stress and because of it he commanded his guards to kill the strange man who dare to enter into his palace and said like this. First of all how can somebody enter in the palace when we have very high security.

This strange man was Elijah the Prophet. The king Ahab asked his guards that how Prophet Elijah entered and went out from his palace. The king Ahab ordered guards to find out that the strange man and they found he was Prophet Elijah the man of God. Prophet Elijah lived on the other side of Jordan in a rough stone house. He is not following or worshiped God Baal but he worshiped his living God, Yahweh.

So, guards comforted the king telling him do not worry. God Baal had 450 prophets and their Goddess Asherah has 400 prophets.