Elijah Chariot to Heaven

Elijah Chariot to Heaven - 2 Kings 2-4, story of Elijah summary

Elijah Chariot to Heaven

Elijah Chariot to Heaven

God had a great plan for Elijah to take him alive to heaven. God share this secret to Elisha but told to keep it secret. Elijah disputed Baal on place of God himself; he also disputed Jezebel, her priests, people of Israel and Ahab.

Elijah wanted to visit each and every school that was started for prophets. Elisha said to his students that he knows his master was to be taken to heaven very soon.

Elijah and Elisha walked down to the river Jordan there Elijah asked Elisha what can I do for you, “Elisha said, Let me receive the share of your power that will make me you successor. Elijah replied, you will receive it if you see me as I am being taken away from you.”

Elijah was carried of angels came down same time Elijah’s mantle of Camel’s hair came down on Elisha.

Dear believers we all will be having plans in our life to buy four wheeler, good big bungalow with the small swimming pool and all the amenities so that we can enjoy life. But God will be having different plan for each one of us. So never be worried about all these worldly things this all are temptation for us. We need to be very careful from all this worldly things.

Dear believers if we think of spending life for God worship then we don’t have to worry about our food or clothes in our wardrobe. There are many things in our life to give importance than food and clothes we wear to look better. We must learn moral lesson from the birds that they are free and untied because God takes care of everything. And in the God’s side we are more precious than birds.   
Is anybody worry unnecessarily or excessively next to the mirror ever became tall or short by as an inch? We are wasting money and time for the outer look always. What is your opinion about it? Instead of wasting time like this visit the fields and observe the wild or uncultivated flowering plants they never plume or do anything shopping, but we have to see gloss and pattern rather like it? Well attired men and women in the land appear ratty beside them. Matthew 6:26
It means Jesus explained his followers do not worry about worldly thing like food and clothes because God is with us all the time to take care of us. Only will have to give importance to God first then only everything will be provided to us.